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Jackson Latka

You don’t need a new tool. You need to commit to getting more out of the ones you have.

Garrick van Buren (@garrickvanburen) April 23, 2014

My friend and mentor Garrick is not only one of the smartest people I know, he doses out daily ass kickings inspiration three times a day on Twitter and You should follow him,

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Few things symbolize hope for the future than a seedling tree.

Multiply that by 300, and you have the makings of a forest.

Or a nursery where those seedlings will grow until they’re big enough to move to local parks, where they’ll provide shade for laughing children and solitary stillness.

Pueblo Chieftain

I’m so proud that my mom and aunt’s non-profit, Trees Please, has been planting trees all over my home town of Pueblo, Colorado since I was young. They were at it again yesterday, planting 300 seedlings with the help of 50 others from the community.

Had an incredible day away with my birthday girl.

Had an incredible day away with my birthday girl.

One common concern of parents these days is that children grow up too fast. But sometimes it seems as if children don’t get the space to grow up at all; they just become adept at mimicking the habits of adulthood. As Hart’s research shows, children used to gradually take on responsibilities, year by year. They crossed the road, went to the store; eventually some of them got small neighborhood jobs. Their pride was wrapped up in competence and independence, which grew as they tried and mastered activities they hadn’t known how to do the previous year. But these days, middle-class children, at least, skip these milestones. They spend a lot of time in the company of adults, so they can talk and think like them, but they never build up the confidence to be truly independent and self-reliant.

The Overprotected Kid - The Atlantic (via whatevernevermind)